Scots words used in the songs

Taken from the poems in ‘A Squatter o Bairnrhymes’ by Stuart A. Paterson published by Tippermuir Books

Snow (with Jenny Rennie, Houlit and Tod)

Houlit                 owl

Mense               intelligence

Kens                   knows

Aathing             everything

Speirin               asking

Hoo?                  Why?

Tod                     fox

Oan his tod      alone

Mair                   more


Flittermoose    bat

Lum                    chimney

Totie                   tiny

Bleezin              blazing

Flit                       move house

Lowe                  flame

Gane                  gone

Stracht               straight

Skyte                  dart about

Chitterin           shaking from cold

Drouthie Ruthie

Drouthie           thirsty

Whaese             whose

Dree                   dry

Moothie            harmonica

Loupin               violently pulsing

Gowpin             throbbing

Coupin               tumbling

Gantin               ganting badly

Scartit                dug through

Press                   cupboard

Fashes                worries

Thrapple           throat

Ablo                    below

Plashed             splashed

Aye                     always


Shug                   the name Hugh

Awfy                   very

Keech                 poo

Windae             window

Howk                  dig

Grun                   ground

Hail                     whole

Fun                     found

Weer                  wear

Claes                  clothes

Pook                   poke

Oxters                armpits

Nochd                nothing

Wid                     wood

Braw                   fine

Ken                     know

Heller                 rascal

Speug                 sparrow


Hurcheon         Hedgehog

Maun                 must

Jouk                    dodge

Stervin               starving

Brocks                badgers

Stangin              piercing

Scrannin            eating


The Deil             the Devil

Curmudgeon   misery-guts

Hurcheon         hedgehog

Blythely             happily

Joukin                dodging

Brocks                badgers

Taeds                 toads

Lang                    long

Braid                  broad

Meenit              minute

Denner              dinner

Thochtie           small thought

Slater                 wood louse

Wyrm                 worm

Flae                     fly

Puddocks          frogs

Swallae              swallow


Warl                   world

Whae                 who

Sclim                  climb

Frichtsome       scary

Braw                   fine

Piece                  sandwich

Crabbit              bad tempered

Coogle               cuddle

Skreigh              scream

Gien                    given

Bairnies             children

Girn                    complain

Gaein                 going

Ben                     mountain

Coup                  fall

Sheugh              ditch

Clarty and kelpit           filthy

Ilk                        each

Weans               children

Mixter Maxter

Mixter Maxter a variety

Speir                   ask

Speirin               asking

Dods                   chunks

Chitterin           shivering with cold

Burn                   stream

Poke                   prod with a finger

Kennt                 known

Tatties               potatoes

Glaikit                Stupid

Yaise                   Use

Chookie             chicken

Scrans                eats

Wummin           woman

Dichtit                wiped clean    

Ma Wee Mammy

Greet                  cry

Wheenge          complain

Gammy              injured

Shammy            leather cleaning cloth

Stushie              a row

Barnie                a fight

Clap                    strike heavily

Thegither          together

Kens                   knows

Blaw                   a show off

Beuk                   book

Hee-haw           nothing

Gin                      if

Rammy              fight


Flitters               flies quickly

Starns                 stars

Munes               moons

Oors                    ours

Athort                across

Plooks                spots

Stick the

 broo on            headbutt

Breenge             rush

Keek                   glance

Slidder               slide

Slae                     slow

Gane                  gone

Lang syne          Long ago


Snaw-Breaker  The sheep who clears

                             A path through snowdrifts for the

                             herd to follow.

Gars                    makes or forces

Agin                    against

Fyoonach          light dusting of snow

Crump                crackle

Yowdendrift    big mound of snow.

Flaggies             big snowflakes

Snell                   bitterly cold

Flindrikin          light snow

Showergraith  tools

Blin-drift           drifting snow

Snoot                 snout

Magglin             trudging through snow

Jeelit                  frozen

Foonert             very cold

Thrawn              stubborn

Fecht                  fight

Athort                across

Cranreuch        hoar frost

Sneesl                begin to snow

Feefle                 swirl

Feuchter           slight fall of snow

Scowtherin       snowing slightly

Pouther             fine driving snow

Driffle                 light snow shower

Oorlicht             damp and chilly

Breenges           pushes

Chitterin           shivering with cold

Spitter                small snowflake

Skelf                   big snowflake

Smirr                  light snowfall

Yowe                  female sheep

Tup                     male sheep

Pleuch                plough

Blate                   shy

Nesh                   fragile

Sherpas             people native to

                             Nepal and the Himalayas

Snaw-ghaist     A spirit seen in a

                             Swirling snowstorm.


Craw                   crow

Bobby in the Lobby

Awfy                   very

Lobby                 hallway

Cried                  called

Bocht                 bought

Thon                   that

Went his           Fell flat on

fu length           his face.

Couped             fell

Brak                    broke

Pairts o the Body

Neb                     nose

Mou                   mouth

Lugs                    ears

Pow                    head

Broo                   forehead

Een                     eyes

Chakks               cheeks

Ablo                    below

Thrapple           throat

Haun                  hand

Nieve                 fist

Lunzies              hip bones

Abuin                 above

Wame                stomach

Mucke               big

Shanks               legs

Naps                   knees

Hurdies              buttocks

Rickle                 fragile collection

Banes                 bones


Ettercap            spider

Ane                     one

Ablo                    below

Skitterin            scampering

Feart                   scared

Kinna                 kind of

Nae sic thing    no such thing

Een                     eyes

Fit                        foot

Loup                   jump

Skeich                excitedly

Skrieghin           shouting

Galoot               fool

Breengin           bumping into

Winterdykes    clothes horse

Ken                     know

Twae                  two

Haud                  hold

Muckle              big

Affy                     awful

Baffy                   slipper

Broo                   forehead

Abuin                 Above

Aince                  Once

Oor                     hour

Birl                      turn or spin

Molocatin        pulverizing

Skelp                  hit

Oose                   fluff

Happed             covered

Lauch                 laugh

Doverin             dozing

Waukrife           half awake

Bien                    feeling well

Hap                     cover

Wabbit              tired

The Wey Ye Speak

Wey                    way

Claes                  clothes

Lugs                    ears

Taes                    toes

Braw                   great

Gub                     mouth


Thir                     these

Aince                  once

Omnivorous     eats everything

Aathing             everything

Hominid            human being

Laired                 learned

The Tobermory Dodo

Ane                     one

Copin                 coping

Skreighed         Screamed

Gey                     very

Bide                    live

Cullen skink      Smoked haddock and tattie soup.


Yuist                   used

Syne                   then

Muckle              big